R01 Brat Drill Truck

(International 4900 single axle)
  • Driven by hydraulics from the carrier engine, eliminating the second engine cutting down on emissions and decreasing in weight for minimal ground disruption.
  • Heavy Duty 8m mast with full travel drill head combined with 2 winches allowing 17m of hanging tooling, improving tripping in/out of hole time.
  • Slide on/off auger rack for easy access and shortening auger carrying distance.
  • Equipped with Automatic hammer for Standard Penetration testing.
  • 30m workable depth with solid and hollow stem auger
  • Spill kits, emergency eye wash, first aid equipped.
  • Positive Air shut off.

R02 Mobile B57 Drill Truck

(International 8100 Tandem)
  • Driven by a Cummins 4BT deck engine with a high/low rotation option allowing auger sampling up to depths of 30m and HQ Coring to depths of 120m.
  • Heavy Duty 6m split mast allowing a portion of the derrick to divide with a 3m stick up drilling option for low clearance drilling sites.
  • Side to side wiggle tail with an in and out slide base increasing precise hole alignment.
  • 3 winch mount frames allowing 18m of hanging tooling increasing in/out tripping times.
  • 300L solid steel water tank with a 3L6, 2 speed water pump.
  • Spill kits, emergency eye wash, first aid equipped.
  • Positive Air shut Off’s

M01 Power Probe 9300 Drill

M01 Power Probe 9300 Drill
  • Compact track loader attachment transforming into the low weight, minimal ground disruption track rig
  • Total extended height of 4m for indoor drilling, and low clearance telecommunication drill sites.
  • 6” solid auger sampling to a depth of 6m
  • Direct push depth sampling up to 12m
  • Positive Air Shut Off

Triton Drilling and Services Ltd. provides a driller and helper on all job sites to increase the most efficient, safe and optimum outcomes possible. A support vehicle is mandated to be on all locations, in case of emergencies work and none work related. Triton Drilling understands the expectations of safety, time and cost. With over a decade’s worth of experience in the drilling industry, we have put together a driven team and safety structure that will meet deadlines, lower budgeting costs and create a long-lasting relationship amongst the employees.