Our Health and safety policy

The Triton Drilling and Services Ltd. Management is committed to providing the maximum safety training to all employees working, to improve safety performance and raise awareness of the importance of safety in our operations. Our management, supervisors, and employees strive to maintain a clean and safe work environment by pin-pointing unsafe workplace hazards. Our goal is to have an incident free workplace. Safe work practices and active participation of all levels will ensure our goal ZERO is achieved and each member goes home safely.

Triton Drilling and Services Ltd, will provide mandated safety papers and equipment inspections to be completed every morning before work begins or after a change in task has occurred. The documents will be discussed amongst the clients, contractors, and subcontractors to ensure full understanding of the assignments and to address the possible day to day workplace hazards. Our operations will hold weekly meetings to implement and update our safety programs to keep a safe and sustainable workplace practice. These practices act in accordance with the Health and Safety Act, equipment exclusion zones, site and equipment orientations, and work site inspections.

Triton Drilling and Services Ltd, we believe contracted management and contracted employees are responsible for complying with all health and safety standards and regulations including The Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Worker Compensation Act. Failure to follow the Safety Acts or the Triton Drilling and Services Ltd. Safety Policy will be considered cause for involuntary termination. Innovation, Dedication and commitment from the management and team will set Triton Drilling and Services Ltd, to develop and grow their health and safety program amongst the community.

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